Graham Gnome

I am Graham Gnome.

Welcome to my website. I am a world traveler, a part-time bartender and am hoping to be ordained this year, so I can do weddings.

I moved to Dallas in October 2019, ended 2019 with my first cruise, and then almost immediately went into isolation with everybody else. Travel was much more fun. Isolation sucks.

I started traveling because my cousin the Travelocity Gnome was always going on about how fun it was. I think he may be discounting what being a TV star does to help improve your travel experience. I began my travels by hitching a lift from an old married American couple on an MSC cruise designed for Europeans, so we didn't exactly receive white-glove service. However, it was a fun trip, especially compared to sitting in the same house day after day.

My photos from my travels are on Instagram. Please visit and like them.

Champagne Dreams

If you need travel advice, you can visit my host's website, Eighteen Knots. He's in charge of all my travel, and he has been on twenty cruises so far, with a few canceled this year. He can book your dream vacation or your escape from your kids. While we're all waiting for the world to re-open, I am training to be a bartender, so I have a useful occupation that is portable. From what I have observed on my cruise last Christmas and my time spent land-locked with my host family here in Dallas, drinking is pretty much universal in good times and bad. It also appears that with a bit of work, I can order gnome-sized bottles.

Can anyone help me get up to open these bottles?