MSC Divina

2019-12-20 - 2019-12-27 Eastern Caribbean onboard the MSC Divina

This was my first cruise that I remember. I'm still not sure how my family got to Texas from the old country. Actually, I'm not even sure what the old country is. Anyway, the cruise was an interesting experience. We called on San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tortola, St Maarten and Nassau. My companions had booked in the Yacht Club, which was very swanky, and the service was excellent, if you were European. Since we were from the US, our service was a bit lacking at times. Nonetheless, it was a fun week of sailing, and some traditional ports of call. There may have been some alcohol involved.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We visited Barrachina in Old San Juan, and I had a Piña Colada. Or two. I guess food would have been a good idea.

Luckily, my companions had made reservations on OpenTable before we departed Miami, since it is a major tourist destination, and by the time we got there for our 7pm reservations, they were booked solid for the evening. So, a word of advice - plan ahead and make reservations. Also, give yourself some extra time in case your ship comes in late (we were delayed by weather and waiting for another ship to come into port.)

Maho Beach, St Maarten

When you are on a rocking boat on a really windy day, say, on the way to Maho Beach to watch planes land, you might find a cup holder is a safe place.

Tortola, BVI

In Tortola, we got off the ship so we could go and get on a boat. Sometimes, my hosts seem a bit single-minded.

We went on a short cruise around all of the British Virgin Islands. It was a short cruise because the Virgin Islands are all relatively small and pretty close together. Plus, we couldn't stop anywhere, because none of us were virgins (ha ha!)

It was great fun because there was a bar onboard. A bar onboard is what makes it a proper boat. Otherwise, it's just a dinghy.

Nassau, Bahamas

In Nassau, my companions weren't even planning to get off the ship, because they had been there so often, and it a pretty commercial port.

Luckily, they remembered there is a Señor Frogs down the street from the port. I may have had a couple of drinks.

Onboard MSC Divina

I think I belong on a ship, so I hope we are able to sail again in 2021. I've never had a hobby where I had just gotten started and then it was stopped for a year and a half. High Tea at home just isn't the same as at sea.