Norwegian Bliss

2021-12-12 to 2021-12-19 Mexican Riviera onboard the Norwegian Bliss

The Mexican Riviera is the West Coast of Mexico. "Riviera" is a Spanish term that means "doesn't have Cozumel." The water was smooth, the coast is very pretty, there is a lot of sea life in the area, so if you can get past the gangsters and COVID, it's a nice cruise.

It was a nice cruise. The Norwegian Bliss is a beautiful ship, and the crew was great. Plus, it was only about half-capacity.

My companions booked us into the Haven, which is like the Yacht Club on MSC, only with good service and butlers that respond to requests. It was great.

COVID-19 Precautions

Everyone on the Norwegian Bliss was vaccinated and tested for COVID-19 before they were allowed to board. The crew wore masks the entire time. Once onboard, passengers didn't have to wear masks if they chose not to do so. This was good for me, because I couldn't find a mask that fit! When I in the airport, on the plane and in the port, I had to be in a baggie. It was a bit difficult to breathe at times. Sigh.

Hotel Night

Never travel on the day you sail! This means you will always have a night in a hotel, unless you have friends or family in the port.

My hosts told me the hotel where we were staying the night before the cruise had a tanning booth. Very funny. Also, extremely hot. The turntable was fun, though.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has tequila plants. Well, agave. Agave becomes tequila. That's all I remember from the overview. We had a nice Mexican lunch with margaritas.

The only issue I have with excursions is that they start early. Really early. So early, I don't remember the tiles at all. I remember tequila was tasty. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. Truth.


I think we were supposed to have an excursion today, but everyone just decided to shop in the port instead.

Here's an interesting perception experiment - if you have two men and two women with you, and you walk through the port of Mazatlan into the little shopping area just outside, the women will say, "STORES!" The men will say, "There's a BAR!"

It was a very good bar. Very good. One tequila, floor. That's how good the margaritas were. Plus, I met some señoritas.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is on the border between the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. Here I am at the Arch that is where the waters meet. We were looking for whales. After I almost blew off a tour boat on my first cruise, I got someone to hold me this time. Those are some fat fingers.

At Sea

This cruise had three sea days, where most people will eat, drink, gamble, drink, shop, drink and frolic in the pool. I like watching the sea pass by. A cruise ship is a resort, but it's still a ship. Enjoy the ocean.